We are Pengzaa

We strive hard to procure chicken, goats, sea food directly from farms and deliver fresh-cut meat. WE DON’T FREEZE

Meat is Magnificent: Its with water, carbon, methane & nutrition

Pengzaa is a premium meat processing unit that processes and sells fresh meat (chicken, mutton, seafood, prawns, and much more). As the name suggests, “Peng” means hot/attractive /fresh, and we abide by the name since the meat we deliver is of the highest order and something which our customers have loved since we started. The determination and passion we share in serving our customers have helped us grow into a multi-level business today since we do the best quality at the most affordable price in this vast market. We process meat from the finest poultries and butchers and bring our seafood collection from the top fisheries. A multi-level safety and hygienic storage system keep them fresh and healthy before we deliver that top-quality meat to your place. We don’t use any storage preservatives as we do not sell frozen meat. We only sell fresh and top-quality products to our customers.

About Pengzaa main

Every company has a vision, and so do we, a noble vision. Meat cravers should get quality meat, and this is the sole reason why we are there to cater to your needs. All the meat lovers are skeptical about buying meat from a local butcher keeping hygiene factors in mind but they are left out with no other option. That is where we break the ice we are committed to delivering fresh-cut meat which is processed in a hygiene environment by following all the covid & fssai norms. Our high-quality meat would satisfy not only your appetite but also inject the proper nutrients needed for good health. With this vision, we hope to excel and grow more and serve our customers with the best we can. We make sure the meat is delivered, Peng.

About Us

We do have a mission, and that is a long-term goal, and we will only be able to achieve it when our customers stay by our side. We aim to build a brand that excels in supplying meat and seafood products at the most affordable rates and a nonpareil quality of goods we sell.

About Pengzaa

Why Pengzaa?

We are a meat processing unit. Here at Pengzaa, we sell the best quality meat one can ever imagine. Not only is the meat fresh, but also we sell it at an affordable cost, a cost that one would find at a wholesale market. From chicken to mutton and prawn to seafood, we excel in feeding quality non-veg to the masses. We, at Pengzaa, handpick the most delicate meat from the farms and poultries. It is fresh, and we sell something humane and edible when you are hungry. With our meat, we can promise to explode your cravings, and the job of satisfying your craving is our sole responsibility.


We sell meat that is fresh and the same as when we process it. We DO NOT sell frozen meat. Our storage systems are designed in such a way that we maintain the exact temperature to keep the meat as it is, fresh and tasty. Even our delivery system is designed to carry the meat at this temperature until it is handed over to the customer.


Most of the meat vendors weigh the whole meat and then cut away the inedible areas. But they charge you for the original weight instead of deducting the thrown away areas or pieces. With us handling feeding you with quality meat, we never cut corners with the price. We only charge you for what we provide to our customers. Our pre-cut pieces are weighed, and the price is settled accordingly. We never include leftover or inedible areas while weighing and thus while deciding the cost of the piece. Whatever the meat be starting from chicken to mutton and seafood, the meat we deliver is healthy, fresh, and affordable for all.