Shopping Information

How fresh are your delivered products?

Our delivered products are as fresh as when we process them. We process the meat once we receive the order from a customer and will deliver the same within one hour of time. We cater to only customers who are in and around 3 to 4 km radius to our unit. . While delivering, we maintain the same temperature at transit before it is finally handed over to our customers.

How do you store the products without any chemicals?

We sell only fresh meat. We do not sell frozen meat and we do not use any or harmful storage chemicals or preservatives or medicines to store our stock. These chemicals are pretty dangerous for human consumption, and prolonged use can lead to various diseases. Apart from that, these harmful chemicals destroy the original taste of the meat.

How are the products packed during delivery?

Since we deal in essentially consumable products, we do not compromise the quality of the packaging—we opt-out of plastic to pack the meat. Instead, we use an eco-friendly and fooding standard accredited material of packaging that does not stick to the meat, is easy to remove, and is 100% safe for the consumables we deliver.

Do you store seafood products with ammonia?

Ammonia is a component used by local market sellers. Ammonia is a dangerous component for human consumption as it smells horrendous and can cause seizures within seconds of excess consumption and potential death. We never use ammonia, and instead, we stick to a more organic preservative specially designed for storing seafood products that keep it fresh and healthy.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Pengzaa Private Limited accepts payments online. We have RazorPay as our payment gateway partner and we accept payments online only from them. Please do not make any payments to the delivery agent unless and until we officially open COD payment options. 

Why is a delivery charge taken for delivering meat?

Since we provide the best and freshest meat quality to your doorstep, we take a delivery charge. Apart from that, since the order component is consumable, we understand the worth of its freshness, and hence we try to deliver it at the earliest to our customers. Along with that, we sell our products at a much lower rate than what is usually sold at your local markets or vendors. We cut no corners with the quality of our products as we deliver them right at your doorstep- fresh and tasty. Hence we charge a minimal delivery charge for every order under a certain amount.